Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ask A Restaurant to go Gun Free

Copy and Paste this email to write to your favorite restaurants to ask them to go gun free 

 Dear (Restaurant Owner), 

 My family always looks forward to eating out. But I now have to think twice before my family visits our favorite restaurants. That's because a law that took effect Oct. 1 allows customers to bring loaded concealed handguns into N.C. restaurants that serve alcohol.

 Did you know that as a restaurant owner, you have a choice about permitting these weapons in your establishment? All you need to do is post a “conspicuous notice” that prohibits them. 

 A group of North Carolina moms and their friends has talked with several hundred restaurant owners in recent months. Nearly all agree that mixing guns, alcohol, and families is a terrible idea. Even though no one is supposed to drink while carrying a weapon, owners have seen too many bad situations and they don't want to put their employees or their customers in an unsafe position. 

 As a concerned diner, I hope that you will consider joining the growing number of restaurants that have prohibited firearms in their establishments. The law contains no specific requirements for a sign. You may make one yourself or purchase one. You can also download a sign and learn more about the law at ncgunfreedining.blogspot.com. If you have questions about what this law means for you, I would encourage you to speak with your attorney, your insurer and local law enforcement.